December 14, 2006

Mt. Baldy History and Ice House Canyon

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resortmain.jpgI just received a CD of archived photos from Dan Brolliard (Cabin 26). It is wonderful to see some of the history of Mt. Baldy and Ice House Canyon. I thought I would try to put up some of the photos with some commentary so people that are curious about the canyon can learn more about its history.

I will start by showcasing the Ice House Canyon Lodge. At the resort1.jpgcurrent trailhead parking lot there are a set of steps leading up to a large concrete pad with a couple of cement and native stone outbuildings. This is the site of the Ice House Canyon Resort. The original pillars still mark the road to the owners parking lot, but the wooden cross pieces and signs are long gone. Note the date on this photo is incorrect, this is actually from 1924. Between 1924 and 1927 a large building was added on to the side of the original lodge.

resortparking1924.jpgSomeone climbed a ways up the rocky slope to take this picture of the parking lot as it was in 1924. This parking lot is now a paved with a large restroom building in the middle. On weekends there are many more cars now then there were then. It would be fun to get the model A club up here to recreate this photo.
resort26.jpgHere is a picture of the lodge with the addition in 1927.
resortinterior.jpg The interior of the Lodge was used for movie and TV locations for almost fifty years. The beautiful wood fixtures were classy in their time, and then as time went on were a slice of time gone by. There was live music on Friday evenings in the Lounge.
resortbar.jpg So what happened to the Lodge? It still existed into the mid 1980s. After standing for nearly 60 years it burned down in a mysterious fire. Rumors abound about the owner being seen with gas cans near the property immediately prior to the fatefull fire. It is assumed that the owner collected a tidy sum from the insurance company. He sold the house that was considered part of the property . This house is still occupied and is to the left of the entrance gate next to the stream.

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