January 22, 2013

CM-900 Tutorial

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I recently gave a 90 minute hands on workshop to about 30 participants on the CM-900 ARM M3 board from Robotis for the the Robotics Society of Southern California (RSSC) January meeting.

The workshop included

  • CM 900 Features:  This is a STM32f103 based board with an integrated RS485 bus for use with dynamixel servos.
  • CM 900 Benchmarks:  The CM900 is approximately 8 times faster in IO and 100 times in math calculations
  • CM 900 Getting Started: Downloading and installing the 0.9.8 environment
  • Installing Device Driver:  Now tested on Windows 7, Ubuntu 32 & 64 bit and Windows XP
  • Flash an LED:  Using the processing IDE
  • Drive a motor:  Interfacing to Dynamixel servos and using the API
  • Dynamixel API overview

  • Dynamixel Device overview (based on AX-12 documentation)
  • Build a Pan and Tilt:  Participants built a Pan and Tilt mechanism with two dynamixel servos
  • Set Device ID:  An application of the Dynamixel API
  • Going Further:  Demonstrations of accelerometer controlled Pan and Tilt and interface with Android Phone.

Participants left with Rev 1.0 versions of the CM-900 board.  We hope to see several different project implementations next month.

Here is the powerpoint of the Workshop.  RSSCPresentation CM900 robotis

The assembly guide to the Pan and Tilt platform Pan and Tilt Assembly

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