November 25, 2006

Return of PigBot

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pigbot.jpgThe motor controller ICs work great up to 1Amp. The motors in the RC chasis pull more then 2 amps on start up. Even with two Motor ICs ganged together, I still couldn’t get the motors to move under load. Tried relays, but the relays I have are only rated for 2A so similiar problem. I don’t think I burned anything out, but both the relays and the Motor ICs were not running in anyway that would survive long term.

Put the large RC chasis aside and looked at the small chasis that I had from the flip over car. I wire the hobby motor up to a motor IC and wired in an IR receiver and TaDA pigbot can go backwards and forwards.

Then to the battery situation. The 9.6V pack won’t take a charge. Tried some NiMH batteries but didn’t get much out of them. Finally Ipigbotguts.jpg found 4AAs to run the motors and a 9V for the logic. The logic should run happily off the 4AAs but it is nice to keep the logic and motor circuits isolated for EMI reasons.

Duct tape doesn’t stick to the pigbot plastic. I am having a heck of a time getting the battery packs to stay in the robot. While PicBot Mark one runs with the pig over the small chasis, it is pretty unsatisfying that it can only go backwards and forwards.

On to community thrify tomarrow to look for another chasis!

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